PET Series
    Publish time 2019-08-25 22:00    

* Jinde Specialized PET screw to meet the requirements of PET preform transparency
We use special PET screw and special machine to ensure the special characteristics of PET, make the running-in
between machine and material more smooth, and make the production process more smooth. The PET preform needs
further blow molding process to form a thin plastic bottle, so the transparency of the PET preform is higher and the
requirement of plasticization is higher. With special PET screw, our machine ensures the stability and transparency of the
PET preform products.

* The screw and plasticizing assembly treated with chrome plating on the surface
Jinde PET perform machine adopts special screw and plasticizing component. After special surface chromium treatment,
material is not easy to accumulate on the screw, which is convenient for cleaning and finishing, so as to ensure the
durability and life of the machine. It also ensures the stability and quality of the product.

* The ejection stroke and ejection force increased 
The special machine for PET preform increases the ejection stroke and further increases the ejection force to meet the
needs of PET preform production. Using PID temperature control, the temperature control data are clearer and more
accurate, thus ensuring the stability of PET preform quality.

* Highly effectiove production

The pump and motor assembly with larger power can achieve high- efficiency production, 20% faster than general